Do You Have Significant Barriers to Employment?

Fraser Works Co-op offers a variety of placement services to provide clients with more intensive support!

Some of these placement services include job development, wage subsidy, customized employment, and unpaid work experience. For more information, please see below.*


Creating employment relationships between eligible employers and our clients to satisfy the needs of both parties. Our job developer will work with employers in an attempt to carve out job descriptions for applicants in consideration.


Providing financial incentives to eligible employers in an attempt to connect EI eligible clients in need of work experience and skills enhancement to the labour market as quickly as possible.


Creating new jobs or self employment opportunities for persons with disabilities that are tailored to clients’ unique needs, knowledge, skills, and abilities.


Placing BCEA clients in work experience opportunities where clients can gain essential employment experience to enhance their employment readiness, acquire needed skills, and potentially obtain current employment related references.

Job Development WorkBC New Westminster
Wage Subsidy WorkBC New Westminster
Customized Employment Development WorkBC New Westminster
Unpaid Work Experience WorkBC New Westminster

*Must meet eligibility criteria