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Client Testimonials

I graduated with a Marketing Management Diploma from Douglas College. Unfortunately, I could not find any good jobs because I was missing Web Design skills. I came to Work BC and I got Donna as my Case Manager. She listened to everything I had to say and helped me every step of the way. Within days, I got enrolled to Technical Web Design Certificate at BCIT. On my graduation day I got a job and couldn’t be happier! Thank you and I will definitely keep in touch.
Horia Dumitru, Client
I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for Fraser Works Work BC especially, with Alberto and Monique. They both assisted me with my reintegration back to work. They assisted me with my resume, helped me get proper work clothes, and provided me a gas allowance for the first few weeks of employment. The reception and staff are always friendly and willing to help out however they can. Thank you Fraser Works!
Greg C., Job Seeker
As a new resident to Vancouver and Canada, the staff has been so generous with their time, knowledge, and network. My time with Raquel (Job Search Facilitator) has given me the confidence necessary to know I’m presenting my skills in a way that hiring managers are looking for.
Michael Newman, Job Seeker
When you come to Fraser Works, you couldn’t have more support. I came to see what my options were and to gain some perspective on my job search. My education was in communications with various marketing certifications. I had worked various jobs while I went to school and was getting some interviews but reaching the second interview and answering some of the questions was difficult. Marco, my job search facilitator was very helpful in identifying some of the things I needed to work on like staying positive, interview skills and sending me to an info session on self-employment. It turned out that the self-employment option wasn’t something I could pursue because of family finances but that made my priorities clear. I felt confident that finding a job was what I wanted to do. Marco helped me with the confidence and perspective I needed to answer questions and respond positively during interviews. Knowing that I had a place to go for perspective and be empowered to act, led to a marketing job involving some things I’m excited to do like lead generation, writing and client database management. Can’t wait to start!
Bryan, Client
I had been a long time employee at The Newsgroup for 16 years. In April of 2014 the company closed. I looked for work for 5 months without any success. I suffer from chronic back and leg pain. I was looking for a job which I could use my years of experience in warehousing and driving. Unfortunately all I could find was jobs that were physically demanding which I couldn’t do.

I had a really supportive career counsellor, Donna Huywan. Through her support I decided to go for driver training. Fraser Works supplied me with all the equipment and bus tickets to make my new journey successful.
I am now working. I drive large Coach Buses to fueling stations and do inspections. Without Fraser Works support I would probably still be looking for work. I am very grateful having the support and direction Fraser Works provided me

Eric S., Client
My 1st day at Fraser Works I was greeted & introduced to many of the staff. After a short while I started valuable workshops such as resume building, interview skills & more. My time with Fraser Works helped me develop job search skills & allowed me to meet a person that could change my career & financial situation forever: Donna. Donna worked with me on various career paths ranging from a trades course to my class 1 driver training. All the courses I was looking at had long waits & steep tuition costs, but with the help of Fraser Works I was able to take a $7500 course. This course has allowed me the training & now the license to pursue a higher paying job. I now can proudly say I am a Class 1 truck driver; I have a career, not just a job. At the end of the day Fraser Works can give you ideas & show you the way, but hard work & dedication will see you through it all. So take the advice & the free workshops that are provided, pay attention, keep an open mind, & try; what do you got to lose. Thank you Donna for all your time & help, & thank you Fraser works for my new career!
Jonas , Client, North Shore Driving School
Judy came to Fraser Works Co-op with ongoing health issues, and she had been unemployed for over five years. Additionally, Judy’s second language is English (level three). Judy was connected to a Fraser Works Co-op case manager who provided first language counselling in Chinese to assist in identifying realistic job goals that would be appropriate–considering her health issues and experience. The case manager helped Judy research schools that provide training in Chinese and then helped Judy negotiate tuition payments. Fraser Works Co-op provided training in child care and assisted in applying for financial support during Judy’s program participation. Upon graduation, the case manager taught Judy where to seek employment within her ethnic community to mitigate language barriers. After only a few short months, Judy is self-employed and working as a child care worker.
Judy, Client
After getting to know me and understanding my unique circumstances, my [case manager] helped me find a program which fit with my future goals: the Self Employment (SE) Program. WorkBC also provides counselling services which are crucial when making such significant life change. I am now self-employed after successfully completing the SE Program at Douglas College. My business is Earth to Ethers Mfg. Inc., which supplies yoga and meditation props online. Check us out at www.earthtoethers.com
Jerry is a mature worker. He struggled with reading, writing, memory, depression, computer literacy, and physical actions. Jerry had been out of the labour market for over five years and had been relying on income assistance. He had a sporadic work history and worked on-call labour jobs once in a while.

Jerry came to Fraser Works Co-op with some hope. Fraser Works Co-op helped Jerry type and prepare a targeted resume, upgrade his computer skills, and fill out job applications online. Fraser Works Co-op provided Jerry with 1-1 job search assistance, job placement supports, training in building service, financial supports, personal grooming, and transportation and disability supports. Jerry is now gainfully employed as a janitor.

Jerry, Client
The team at Fraser Works helped me to get funding through WorkBC to go to college. The supports and funding that I received from all of the team at Fraser Works enabled me to get an Office Administration Certificate from BCIT. As well, they worked with me to get into the Wage Subsidy Program. A very special shout out to Teresa Luk for fast tracking my funding when it came to the crunch of me getting into BCIT. As a result, I now have a college education. Fraser Works also helped me to obtain a position in Office Administration. I am now a gainfully employed member of society! I am in a position that has a powerful impact on our environment! I love my work!!!
Suzanne Z., Client