What? Work and not get paid?! Why would I do that when I could be using that time for either paid work or spending time on the things I love? I’m so busy right now anyway looking for a job that the last thing I want to do is help out an organization when I could be helping myself! After putting in a few hours a day job searching, all I want to do is play some video games, read, or go for a walk with my dog. And on the weekends, I prefer spending time with my family and friends; of course, that is when I have money to take the bus to see them. Ugh, I feel so sad and lonely sometimes. I really need a job.

I’ll get a job soon enough, I know it; but, until then, how can I even think about wasting my time volunteering? Maybe when I get a job, then I’ll consider volunteering. Maybe! I have a friend who does volunteering, but she’s working too, so she doesn’t have to worry about paying her bills. I don’t know how she has time for everything! She has an interesting volunteer position though, I guess.

My friend is volunteering right now for an animal shelter. She thinks it’s ok. She recently told me about this dog that they found tied up to a post outside of the shelter. She said the dog looked like he had been tied up all night in the cold, pouring rain. When they found the dog, he was drenched and shivering. How sad! These kinds of stories break my heart. Anyway, the dog was young and rambunctious and had had no training. She said that the owners probably didn’t know how to handle a rambunctious dog, so they just left it for the shelter to deal with. My friend said she got some training from the shelter on how to handle dogs and recognize signs that show how they are feeling; so, she got an opportunity to work with this surrendered dog and teach it some tricks and obedience. The dog was finally adopted into a great home by a young guy who is super athletic and runs with the dog all the time.

I think that story is super cool. I mean, I’ve often considered being a dog trainer for my career. My dog knows almost every trick in the book! I just wouldn’t even know where to start. I guess I could start at an animal shelter, actually. My friend did say they were super knowledgeable about dogs and were helpful in teaching her how to understand their behaviour. Then I could also be with dogs and get some exercise at the same time, which is what I like to do anyway. And, I could also help all those poor dogs who come to the shelter abused, or that get surrendered by families who didn’t realize the level of responsibility. How great would it be to know that I’ve helped a dog live a better life with a family or an individual who will treat it kindly and never give up on it? I think every animal deserves an opportunity to live an amazing life. Since animals helpless and cannot speak for themselves, who will advocate for them and help them if we don’t?


I think I’m going to volunteer for an animal shelter. I mean, I’d get skills that would be helpful in reaching my future career goals. I’d maybe get some training, which could be helpful. I’d probably also meet lots of others who like dogs, and maybe even make some new friends. If I get to walk the dogs, then I’d boost my activity level which is good for my health. Perhaps the people who volunteer at the shelter know of others who work with dogs too, like dog trainers or people who work in doggie daycares. I wonder if they could introduce me! Maybe the shelter manager could also give me a reference for paid work at a doggie daycare or a pet store or something to help me find a job quicker. Wow! This could be really great actually! …All of that aside, I’d be helping the animals, and that is what truly matters.

Where do I sign up?