Job fairs are like little gifts offered throughout the year. Essentially, a Job fair is an event where employers are stationed at tables and are present to discuss their company’s employment opportunities with you. Where else can you go where all the people responsible for hiring staff for desirable companies are located in the same room? Job fairs may seem daunting, but this is one time where you don’t have to be concerned that the employer doesn’t want to talk with you or doesn’t have the time. The employers are present because they want to talk to you and they have dedicated their time to doing so.

You will want to research the companies that will be attending the job fair to discern which employers you may wish to speak with. Ensure you browse through your selected employers’ websites to a) identify why you would like to work for these companies, and b) to see what positions they currently have available and what types of jobs they typically offer. Then you can create a few relatively targeted applications to bring with you to the job fair. It always feels great to be able to speak competently and perhaps even passionately about a particular company…especially when you are speaking with the person responsible for hiring!