‘Tips for networking effectively,’ is synonymous with, ‘how to build and maintain positive relationships effectively.’ When you begin networking, start small. Begin talking with your family and friends. Tell them what type of job you are seeking and see if they can connect you with anyone in your pursued industry. If you don’t talk about what type of job you are seeking, then nobody will know. So, put it out into the universe. If you exhaust your network of family and friends, perhaps consider speaking with some of your community groups such as schools, churches, sports teams, bands, etc. To expand your network even further, consider attending Meetup groups or networking events. There are so many people you can talk to!

When you meet someone for the first time who offers insight, advice or assistance for your job search, always ask for his or her business card or contact information. Next, always send a follow up email. By sending a follow up email, you are reinforcing the connection. If you hear a piece of information once, you may not remember it later. If you hear that same piece of information a second or third time, chances are much better that you will remember the information. When you follow up with an employer, the likelihood of the employer remembering you improves; and, your job as the job seeker is to positively position yourself in the employer’s mind for quick reference when you submit your application.

Finally, always send a thank-you card or email to anyone who has helped you in any way during your job search. For example, if you met someone who put your name forward to an employer for a position, ensure you thank your contact by sending a thank-you card or email. By maintaining a positive relationship with your contacts, your opportunities will grow exponentially!