When you arrive for your interview, you can expect to walk up to the receptionist—who will smile madly at you with a Cheshire Cat grin—and order you to take a seat. Then, an abnormally tall gentleman draped in black will appear and direct you by pointing a skeletal finger down the hall. You will enter a room that resembles an interrogation room with a large mirror, probably two-way. A man will enter with his arms crossed and stare at you momentarily before finally asking you why you’re here.  He will judge you, question you incredulously, and make you sweat bullets!

Sounds awful, does it not?! Luckily for you, we are totally kidding around. It is nowhere near this frightening. In actuality, you can expect a process more like this:

You will likely walk into a pleasant reception area and a lovely receptionist will greet you warmly with a smile. Let the receptionist know who you are. She will probably offer you a seat. The interviewer will come out and introduce himself or herself and will likely extend his or her hand for a handshake. Next the interviewer will escort you to a room and will offer you a seat. At this point, the interviewer may ask you some easy questions to break the ice, or they may begin the interview questions immediately. Either way, you are likely to begin with some easier questions to put you at ease. Then the interviewer may begin asking some more challenging questions, but you are well prepared with stories and evidence to support your skills, so there is nothing to worry about.  Once the interviewer has finished asking the requisite questions, s/he will ask you if you have any questions. Of course, you will be prepared with questions for the interviewer about the company, staff, and job, so here is your turn to interview the interviewer.  When you are finished, the employer will thank you for coming and probably shake your hand. Then, you leave to go home and thank the receptionist on your way out. And that is basically what you can expect from most first interviews. See! Not nearly as bad as the terrifying experience listed first is it?