An interview is most commonly a meeting between a couple of people where they discuss details of a job, the culture of the company, and how the applicant may contribute to the organization.  Many people are nervous of the judgement that comes along with interviews; however, there are a couple of perspectives to remember that may help ease your anxiety. First, people ought to remember that an interview is a two-way street: While the interviewer is interviewing the applicant with their routine and probing questions, the applicant also must interview the interviewer to ensure s/he is a good fit for the company, determine if s/he would fit with the culture of the organization, and confirm that values are in alignment. As a potential candidate, the last thing you want to do is accept a job without having done your due-diligence; just think, you accept a job where values are out of alignment and neither you nor the employer will be happy, and the result is that you will either quit anyway or be terminated. Then you are back where you started–looking for work again. The other perspective to remember is that the employer or recruiter is routing for you. They want you to be The One. What good would it serve the interviewer to think otherwise? Thus, relax, review your documentation and your notes, remember that the interviewer is your cheerleader for the next hour, and remember that you too have a job to do—interview the interviewer.