Have you ever been taken aback by an employer’s request to interview you via a phone call? Or how about via a Skype meeting? Or how about working for a day to assess your work ethic and skill level? All of the aforementioned options are different types of interviews believe it or not. Basically however and whenever an employer wants to meet with you to discuss the job, company, and what you can contribute is considered an interview. Thus, an interview could be a prompt, brief sit-down with an employer immediately following your in-person resume submission. An interview could be you sitting on one side of the table and five HR managers on the other side. An interview could be you surrounded by 10 other people all being asked questions in a group setting. The most common interview of course is the one-to-one formal interview where you sit with an employer and have a conversation. Often the interviewer will ask for a second interview where other employees will attend, or another employee will interview you to further assess likability and fit for the organization. Whatever can and will happen may, so be prepared for anything; however, if the employer is asking you to meet in an alleyway or at a bar, be wary and use your good judgement and common sense. No job is worth risking you safety!