We find ourselves at crossroads. There are a couple of different ways to close your cover letter. You can choose to not end on an action statement and sit back waiting patiently for the employer to call you. Or, you could end on an action statement, taking responsibility for your job search, thus demonstrating responsibility, enthusiasm, and a no-nonsense approach.

Most employers seek to hire proactive individuals who demonstrate good common sense. Why? Because employers do not often have the time to hand-hold their employees. Employers like to see employees who take an entrepreneurial approach to their position. Employers like to see employees who act as if their position were a business of their own. These employees are the ones who flourish, climb the corporate ladder, and contribute greatly to making the business a huge success. Thus, when you are applying for your next great job, consider how the employer will perceive you by your cover letter, your first impression. Up against hundreds of applicants maybe, will you be the candidate who waits for the phone call? Or, will you be the candidate who takes responsibility for the success of your job search by being proactive and indicating that you will follow up with the employer? So, in contemplating the crossroads before you, which path will you take?