When you begin writing your work experience section, you may consider titling it something else like Work History, Professional Experience, or Experience—don’t! Well, you can if you would like, but we will tell you why we think you ought to stick with Work Experience. It all starts with the applicant tracking system (ATS). An ATS scans your resume for key words related to the job you are applying for; this is how the system will determine whether or not you are a likely candidate for the job. When the ATS is busy scanning your resume to see if you are a fit, it is also looking for certain headings, like Work Experience. The ATS will frequently bypass Work History, Professional Experience, or Experience because it may not be set up to search for these combination of words. Another tip in regard to writing your work experience section is to list the employer first, then your job title, then the dates you were employed. Why? That’s right! You are a quick learner. It is because this is how the ATS is likely set up to review your resume. If your work experience section is not set up in this way, you may confuse the ATS and find yourself without an interview invitation—yikes!