If you are struggling to fill one page with resume material, you may add hobbies as filler; however, ensure you list hobbies that are relevant to the position. Envision an applicant applying for an administration position. The employer is going to be looking for someone organized and detail oriented with good communication skills and professional presentation. If this applicant were to state they enjoy sky diving, mud wrestling, dressing up like the Easter Bunny, and laser tag, not only are these hobbies irrelevant but they paint a picture of someone who would not likely enjoy a professional, sedentary desk job where they are to present well on a day to day basis. Get the point? So, if you must state hobbies, make them relevant. If you are applying for an administration job, list hobbies such as reading, writing, organizing, and attending networking Meetup groups, for example. And, if you have enough content to fill one to two pages of a resume, leave the hobbies off all together.