If you have had a sporadic employment past, there are a couple of ways you can minimize attention to the gaps in your work experience. One way is to use a functional resume. If you have not yet read our Functional Resume post, you can do so here. Or you could eliminate the months from the years you worked at a specific company. For example, instead of writing that you worked at a company from Nov. 2008-Jan. 2010 (which highlights that you were only there for just over one year), you could instead write 2008-2010 which gives the illusion that you worked for the company for 2ish years. Now, one caveat for you: Many employers have caught on to this technique and may be suspicious that you are hiding something. In your case, however, if you have gaps in your employment history, it is better to have the employer a little suspicious than omit you from the pool of potential candidates because you have had an intermittent work history. Don’t you agree?