Skills and achievements play an important role in a resume. They reveal how appropriate you are for the position and demonstrate your work ethic and level of accomplishment you bring to your jobs.

To know which skills and achievements to put on your resume, please read our Identifying Transferable Skills and Qualifications Required to Perform the Job post first. Here is a helpful tip for you: When listing your skills, always evidence them with examples or statistics from your previous work history. If you can add numbers to your evidence it will strengthen (mind the pun) your strength. For example, if you say you are a good salesperson, the employer may wonder what makes you a good salesperson. If you indicate that you are a good salesperson because you were able to increase company revenue by 20% in one year, the employer will have a much better mental picture of why you are a good salesperson. When listing your accomplishments, employ the same tactic. Good luck!