A typical resume is between one to two pages; however, it really depends on your level of position and tenure. For example, if you are seeking your first job, you are likely going to lack the knowledge, skills, and experience to fill two full pages. Thus, one page is appropriate, and you will likely fill your one page document with volunteer experience, education, and demonstration of your essential and transferrable skills. If you have been in a professional capacity for a few years then a two page resume will likely suffice. At this time, you expectedly will be able to fill your two page document with hard skills, professional development, education, work experience, and accomplishments. You certainly would not want to fit all of the aforementioned content into a one page document; otherwise, you would need to make the font very small which will annoy your reader, especially if they have poor eyesight! Thus, two pages are appropriate. If you are working at an executive level and have 10+ years of experience, spilling over onto a third page is acceptable. At this level, you may have statistics, publications, memberships, or licenses that make you a highly desirable candidate.