Too many people make their resumes for themselves. They include accomplishments, certifications, and experience that they are proud of, but that are not necessarily what the employer cares to see. So, what does an employer want to see in an ideal applicant? To discover the answer is much easier than many people think. Here is an analogy for you: You are a DJ. You have a list of thousands of songs. You may get a wedding gig, a nightclub gig, or even play at a funeral. You are certainly not going to go to each of these gigs and play all of YOUR favourite songs. You are going to select appropriate songs that your clients want to hear. Certainly the audience at the funeral would not appreciate you playing Whoomp (There It Is), you know? So, how do we know what our client, ie. Employer, wants to see?

First identify one type of job you would like, that you are relatively qualified to do. Next, print out a minimum of five job postings for that type of job. Then, go through each job posting with a highlighter highlighting all of the skills, qualifications, and education that the employers are seeking, that you happen to possess. By the time you are highlighting your third job posting, you will begin to see overlaps in what these employers are seeking in ideal applicants for these positions. All that you have highlighted by the end of your fifth job posting is essentially YOUR transferable skills and qualifications that you will use in the job….if you are the successful applicant, of course. 😉