One could think of the hybrid resume as a combination of the functional and chronological resumes; hence, the hybrid resume is often referred to as the combination resume. The hybrid resume frequently begins in a functional resume fashion with a profile, transferrable skills, related qualifications, and/or accomplishments. The remainder of the hybrid resume will likely mirror that of the chronological resume listing work history, education, and perhaps professional development in reverse chronological order.

The hybrid resume is great because it provides the employer with all of your targeted and relevant skills, qualifications, and accomplishments immediately, followed by all of your past work experience and education in a timeline. The hybrid resume leaves little room for suspicion and apprehension since everything an employer needs to know can be included in this type of document.

There are not many cons to using a hybrid resume; however, if you are/were a job hopper, have large gaps in your employment history, or have unrelated job experience, the hybrid resume format will draw attention to these points. If this is your case, we would recommend using the functional resume.

The hybrid resume is great for new graduates with some relevant work or volunteer experience; professionals with a consistent, progressive work history; someone changing careers, but who still has lots of relevant skills; or older workers who want to highlight their qualifications and not draw attention to their age (which can be deduced from total time attached to the labour market).