The last thing you want to have happen is forget that you have applied for a job, miss an interview, or say the wrong company’s name because you were not organized in your job search. There are many ways to keep organized during your job search depending on your level of comfort with technology.

If you prefer to have a tangible record of your job search, and you do not mind apologizing profusely to the trees, you could keep a binder with tabs of all the companies you have applied to. Under each tab, you could insert your resume, cover letter, job posting, and information on the company. This way, when an employer calls you to set up an interview, you can go straight to the tab which contains all the pertinent details. Then, ensure you put the interview day and time immediately into your phone/calendar with an alert so that you do not miss your meeting.

Another option is to create an Excel spreadsheet or a Word table. Create columns to keep track of your applicable job search application details such as Company, Position, Point of Contact, Contact Information, Application Date, Application Summary, Who Referred you for the Position, Where you Found the Job Posting, Interview Y/N, Thank You Card Sent Y/N, and Result.

Finally, if you are like most people who are glued to their smart phones, you could get an app. There are lots of free apps that can help you keep organized in your job search. Check out the Top 25 Must-Have IPhone Apps for Your Job Search by Career Rocketeer!